Thank You Letter - My Appreciation For your Philosophy of Seneca

If a person ended up to look closely into the values, lessons, and beliefs which can be presently taught by a lot of currently, just one would find that these teachings are certainly not new, nor are they initial. It can be my organization belief that all spiritual, philosophical, and social beliefs originate from previous enlightenments and have basically been restructured and rephrased to fit the modern context of now. It can be using this in mind which i would like to increase my appreciation by way of this thank you letter to one of the forefathers with the values Many of us abide in today, the Roman philosopher, Seneca the Youthful.

Dear Seneca,

The ancient philosophy you taught in the course of your time has demonstrated to become applicable even for modern wisdom. I, for a person, are already moved by your teachings and possess tried to Stay according to the several values you wrote about in many your essays and letters. This thank you letter is for that.

One among my personal favorites is if you wrote "Weak wretches, whose appetite is just tempted by high priced foods", referring to the idea that real prosperity should really by no means be measured by mere possessions but by obtaining enough time and chance to do what you wish, come up with a difference, and consider control of your very own lifetime. This is the philosophy which was adopted by writer Tim Ferris (One more among the list of persons I maintain in substantial esteem and comply with) in his ebook the 4-Hour Workweek. Realizing the reality in That idea has considerably impacted my very own method of what is very important in my existence and how I should regulate my time.

I come across equally agreeable your Idea that joy and contentment don't reside in extravagance or in The search to amass as much material possessions, but rather is located in temperance, knowledge, and enlightenment via instruction. I imagine that This really is unquestionably fitting, possibly even more so, on this planet we live in nowadays, whereby folks appear to equate success with obtaining extra of almost everything that can be purchased. Dwelling my existence with the idea has surely built me more material.

There are many formulation to happiness, achievement, and daily life that are now being taught currently that, in reality, I sense are all derivations within your historic teachings. I think that this demonstrates how we simply cannot choose historic knowledge like yours without any consideration. Also, if we have been ever to extend appreciation with the principles that govern our life now, we should always give our "thank you" to you personally for developing the vast majority of it.

Acknowledge my thank you letter as an indication of my gratitude for the many uplifting lessons that you have imparted on me, that have positively influenced my daily life and for proving my concept that A lot of what We all know now, we Seneca philosophy will trace each of the way again to historical background.

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